Monday, July 14

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Building 200, Room 2

Statistical Methods in Inverse Problems and Tomography

This minisymposium addresses the applications of statistical methods in inverse problems which occur in medical imaging. These methods are currently being developed to deal with the reconstruction of tomographic images in the presence of low radiation doses. The talks in this symposium will deal with statistical methods in general inverse estimation problems, wavelet-based statistical methods which utilize the Poisson statistics of the observed data, and methods which utilize the natural positivity constraint inherent in medical images.

One purpose of this minisymposium is to inform the SIAM community of the mathematical challenges and recent developments in reconstructing tomography images. Another purpose is to bring together researchers who are working on problems which are all pieces of the puzzle that need to be carefully pieced together to develop new methods in solving real world problems in medical imaging.

Organizer: Bernard A. Mair
University of Florida

3:15 The Wonders of Non-Commuting Operators and Spectral Extrapolation
Tim Olson, Johns Hopkins University
3:45 Controlling the Gibbs Phenomenon in Noisy Deconvolution of Irregular Multivariable Input Signals
Frits H. Ruymgaart, and Kumari Chandrawansa, Texas Tech University; and Arnoud C. M. van Rooij, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, Holland
4:15 Wavelet Shrinkage for Tomographic Image Reconstruction
Eric D. Kolaczyk, University of Chicago
4:45 A Novel Weighted Least Squares Method for Poisson Data
Bernard A. Mair, Organizer; J. M. M. Anderson and Murali Rao, University of Florida

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