Monday, July 14

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Building 320, Room 105

Implementation Issues Concerning Control and Identification in Distributed Parameter Systems

This minisymposium focuses on issues which must be addressed when experimentally implementing control and identification methods for applications modeled by distributed parameter systems. Such systems arise naturally in structural, acoustic and temperature control applications due to the distributed nature of the states, exogenous forces, measurements and/or actuator inputs.

While significant progress has been made on the analysis and development of numerical methods for control and identification in linear distributed parameter systems, experimental implementation of these methods is still in its infancy. Furthermore, the difficulties are exacerbated in the nonlinear systems required to model currently-employed structural materials and actuators.

The talks in this session illustrate the experimental implementation of PDE-based control and identification techniques in the context of both linear (acoustic sensing and temperature control) and nonlinear (elastomer and magnetostrictive) systems.

Organizers: Robert E. Miller, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville; and Ralph C. Smith, Iowa State University

3:15 Identification of Hysteresis Parameters for Magnetostrictive Actuators
Ralph C. Smith, Organizer
3:45 Designing Experiments for the Identification of Nonlinear Constitutive Laws in Elastomers
Nancy J. Lybeck, North Carolina State University
4:15 Real-Time Sensing of Acoustic Power Modes
Donald J. Leo, University of Toledo and Jonathan P. How, Stanford University
4:45 A Temperature Control Problem Arising in High Temperature/High Pressure Light Scattering Experiments
Robert E. Miller, Organizer; and William F. Oliver III, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

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