Wednesday, July 16

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Law School, Room 180

Modeling in Optical Science (Part I of II)

The speakers will address significant recent developments in electromagnetic modeling. Particular emphasis will be put on industrial applications in optical science. The topics include diffractive optics, photonic band gap structures, waveguide, computational electromagnetics, and applications. The speakers will present model problems, discuss various computational approaches, and highlight diverse applications to industrial problems.

This minisymposium will bring together a group of leading researchers working in diverse subjects of modeling in optical science, to address recent developments, and to share up-to-date ideas with participants.

Organizers: Gang Bao, University of Florida and Lawrence C. Cowsar, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

10:30 Guided-Mode Grating Resonant Reflective Filters
J. Allen Cox, Carol Ford, Robert Morgan, and Robert Wilke, Honeywell Technology Center, Minneapolis
11:00 Numerical Methods for Modeling Surface-Relief Diffraction Gratings
Lifeng Li, University of Arizona
11:30 Rigorous Modelling of Finite, Aperiodic Diffractive Optical Elements Models
Dennis W. Prather, Army Research Laboratory; Mark S. Mirotznik, Catholic University of America; and Joseph N. Mait, Army Research Laboratory
12:00 Electromagnetic Field Propagation in Linear and Nonlinear Periodic Structures
Charles M. Bowden, U. S. Army Research

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