Wednesday, July 16

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Law School, Room 290

Advances in Level Set and Fast Marching Methods

Level Set and Fast Marching Methods have seen a tremendous growth in recent years. These are computational techniques for tracking moving interfaces; level set methods are general techniques for interface problems which arise from time-dependent physical problems; Fast Marching Methods are designed for solving Eikonal-based front propagation problems that often arise in non-physical settings. This minisymposium will cover state-of-the-art applications, outside of traditional fluid mechanics applications, in both sets of schemes, including flame propagation and combustion, etching and deposition in microchip manufacturing, level set finite element methods on irregular grids, and applications of Fast Marching Methods to computation of first arrivals in seismic travel times.

Organizer: David Adalsteinsson
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

3:15 Level Set Methods for Etching and Deposition in Microchip Manufacturing
David Adalsteinsson, Organizer
3:45 Fast Level Set Methods in Predicting Turbulent Burning Velocity
Jingyi Zhu, University of Utah
4:15 Numerical Schemes for the Hamilton-Jacobi and Level Set Equations on Triangulated Domains
Timothy J. Barth, NASA Ames Research Center
4:45 Fast Methods for Computing First Arrival Times
James A. Sethian, University of California, Berkeley

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