Friday, July 18

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Meyer Library, Forum Room

Industrial Strength Mathematics: Case Studies of High Impact Mathematics and the Mathematician/Industry Interface (Part I of II)

Mathematics has a profound impact on numerous industries. While many SIAM members understand that fact, fewer have seen any but the most famous examples of such applications, and the expositions of such examples frequently suggest that the mathematics evolves either before the application exists or independent from the efforts of other scientists in the application area. This minisymposium is aimed at elucidating not only specific examples of the beautiful mathematics that can be applied profitably, but also the process through with such successful applications evolve. Each speaker will state a problem and its origin and solution from the perspectives of both the corporate management and the mathematical scientist.

Organizer: Jeffrey R. Sachs
D. H. Wagner Associates

10:30 Biotech from Bifurcation in a Box: Ion Trap Mass Spec
Jeffrey R. Sachs, Organizer
11:00 Kick-Starting a Sluggish Industrial R&D Sector in Australia
Noel Barton, CSIRO, Australia
11:30 A Mathematical Solution of the Seismic Surface Statics Problem for Geophysical Petroleum Exploration
James M. Hornell, Phillips Petroleum Company
12:00 Wavelets and a Japanese Text-to-Speech System for PCs
Mei Kobayashi, IBM, Japan and University of Tokyo, Japan

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