Friday, July 18

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Law School, Room 290

Influence and Treatment of Multiple Scales in Modeling Heterogenous Media

In applications involving heterogeneous materials, such as flow in porous media, the fundamental parameters of the underlying mathematical model may vary on two or more significantly different length scales. The unfortunate implication is that the fine-scale structure, which is infeasible to model directly, has a significant effect on the coarse-scale properties of the model's solution, the properties that are most commonly studied. Consequently the investigation of the interaction, influence and treatment of multiple scales is a vital area of current research. In this minisymposium new results, which address these issues, are presented for the modeling of flow in porous media.

Those with an interest in multi-scale problems relating to flow in porous media, and thus, researchers working in this rather large field (e.g. petroleum reservoirs, ground water and contaminant modeling) should find these talks interesting. Many aspects of this research are also relevant to other applications in which multiple scales are naturally present, such as composite materials and reactor modeling.

Organizer: J. David Moulton
Los Alamos National Laboratory

10:30 The Multiscale Nature of Permeability and Its Impact on Subsurface Flow and Transport
Shlomo P. Neuman and Vittorio Di Federico, University of Arizona
11:00 Coarse Scale Models for Multi-Level Iterative Solvers and for Diffusion in Heterogeneous Media
Stephan Knapek, Universität Bonn, Germany
11:30 A Case Study of the Black Box Multigrid Numerical Homogenization Algorithm
Joel E. Dendy, Jr., James M. Hyman, Los Alamos National Laboratory; and J. David Moulton, Organizer
12:00 Turbulent Mixing and Multiphase Flow
James Glimm, David Saltz, and David H. Sharp, State University of New York, Stony Brook

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