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Poster Session

Algorithms and Methods in Linear Algebra

On an Iterative Method for Symmetric Indefinite Systems
Zhanye Tong and Ahmed Sameh, Purdue University, West Lafayette
Fast Update for the SVD of a Rank-One Modification of a General Matrix
Craig S. MacInnes, Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Analysis of a Finite-Difference Permanent Formula with Many Zero-Valued Terms
Eric Bax and Joel Franklin, California Institute of Technology
Homotopy Method for the Perturbed Symmetric Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
Urmi Bhattacharya Holz, Stanford University
Performance Improvement of LAPACK Cholesky-Factorization
Wilfried N. Gansterer, Ernst J. Haunschmid, and Christoph W. Ueberhuber, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Comparing Two Methods for Linear Inverse Problems
Geoff Latham, Defence Science and Technology Organization, Australia

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Vorticity Amplification in Incompressible Ideal Fluids with Swirl
Lori Carmack, Ohio State University
Magnetic Flux Expulsion in Inhomogeneous Turbulence
Louis L. Tao, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Using Gauge to Decompose Near-Wall Flow Using an Impulse-Density Formulation
David Summers, Napier University, Scotland, United Kingdom
Solution of Non-Equilibrium Micro-Channel Flows Using the Gaussian 10-Moment Closure
Clinton P. T. Groth, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Pedagogical Innovations in Undergraduate Numerical Analysis Instruction
Ron Buckmire, Occidental College

Image and Signal Processing

Progressive Indexing, Retrieval and Transmission of Remote Sensing Images
Kai-Chieh Liang and C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California
Enhancement of Compressed Videos with Vector Quantization
Mei-Yin Shen and C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California
Mutliresolution Editing for Geometrical Modeling
Jiankun Li and C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California
A Vector Quantization Approach to Speaker Identification
W.-F. Michael Chen and C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California
Color Image Retrieval via Feature-Adaptive Query Processing
Xia Wan and C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California
Objective Quality Metrics for Compressed Videos
Yung-Kai Lai and C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California
Compression of Multispectral Imagery with Wavelets
Houng-Jyh Wang and C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California

Mathematical and Computational Tools and Environments

Automatic Differentiation and MATLAB Interface Toolbox (ADMIT)
Thomas F. Coleman and Arun Verma, Cornell University
WavBox 4.4 Software -- A Wavelet Toolbox for MATLAB
Carl Taswell, WavBox ToolSmiths, Stanford
Resource Utilization on a Network of Geographically Distributed Supercomputers
Philip M. Papadopoulos, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Mathematical Biology

On Modelling Epidemics Including, Latency, Incubation and Variable Susceptibility
H. N. Agiza and Elsayed M. E. Ahmed, Mansoura University, Egypt
Simple Way to Identify the Active Sites of Trypsin
Yukio Kiho, Ishiharasangyo, Ltd, Japan; and Kunio Oshima, Science University of Tokyo in Yamaguchi, Japan

Measurement and Statistics

Solution Diagnostics for Ill-Posed Problems
Bert W. Rust, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Self-Calibration: Group Theory, Symmetric Structures and Least Squares in High-Precision Dimensional Metrology
Michael R. Raugh, Interconnect Technologies Corporation, Mountain View, California
Surface Tension Dependence on Long-Ranged Correlations
Abdulmuhsen H. Ali, Kuwait University, Kuwait

Methods for PDE and Integrals

Poincaré's and Friedrichs' - Type Inequalities for the Mortar Finite Element Method
Dan Stefanica and Olof B. Widlund, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
Accurate Evaluation of 1- and 2-Dimensional Integrals with Rapidly Oscillatory Kernels
Jen-Jen Lin, Ming Chuan College, Taiwan, Republic of China and University of California, Davis
Determination of the Shape of Slightly Asymmetric Sessile Drops from Diameter Measurements
Stephen Pennell and James Graham-Eagle, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Towards Parameter-Free Streamline Upwinding for Advection-Diffusion Problems
B. Fischer, Medical University of Lüaut;beck, Germany; Alison Ramage, University of Strathclyde, Scotland; D. J. Silvester, UMIST, United Kingdom; and Andrew J. Wathen, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Spuriosity and Mesh Selection in the Numerical Discretization of Reaction-Diffusion Equations
Michael E. Lunney, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Simulations of Plasma Based Semiconductor Processing Using Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Daniel D. Wake and Garry H. Rodrigue, University of California, Davis and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Phillip Colella and Milo R. Dorr, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Ordering Strategies for Convection Dominated Problems
Sabine Gutsch, University of Kiel, Germany

Optimization, Control, Identification

Modeling of Yacht Mechanics and Optimization of Up-Wind Sailing Strategy
Takeshi Sugimoto, Saitama Institute of Technology, Japan
Emergency Control of Unstable Behavior of Nonlinear Systems Induced by Fault
Michael V. Basin and Mark A. Pinsky, University of Nevada, Reno
Perturbation Lemma for Newton's Method with Application to the SQP Newton Method
Debora Cores, Intevep S. A., Venezuela; and Richard Tapia, Rice University
Finding Partially Separable Structure and Using it in Hessian Computations
David M. Gay, Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill
Identification of Parameters of Nonlinear Normal Forms
Mark A. Pinsky and Bill Essary, University of Nevada, Reno
Sharing a Public Resource in a Fair Way
Gary L. Schultz and Harry Singh, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Francisco
Global Continuation Methods for Molecular Structure Optimization
Jorge Moré and Zhijun Wu, Argonne National Laboratory

Wavelets and Applications

Wavelet Approach to Nonlinear Problems, I Polynomial Dynamics
Antonina Fedorova and Michael Zeitlin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Wavelet Approach to Nonlinear Problems, II Metaplectic Wavelets and Routes to Chaos
Antonina Fedorova and Michael Zeitlin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Wavelet Approach to Nonlinear Problems, III Symplectic Topology and Symplectic Scales
Antonina Fedorova and Michael Zeitlin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

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