Monday, July 13

Poster Session

6:30 PM-8:30 PM
Room: Sidney Smith Building, Hangar Pub

For those who have purchased tickets, pizza and beer will be served in the Hangar Pub, Sidney Smith Building. All SIAM attendees, however, are welcome to view the posters for free in the Hangar Pub if they do not want pizza and beer.

Development of a Visual 3D Application Using Java and VRML
James Z. Liang, Purdue University, West Lafayette
On a Possibility of Superconductivity with Singlet--Triplet Pairing of Fermions
Alexander A. Isayev, Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, Ukraine
Longtime Dynamics Behavior Under Spline Wavelet Basis in Weakly Damped Forced KdV Equation
Tian Lixin and Lu Dianchen, Jiangsu University of Science & Technology, China
Asymptotics of Weakly Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Chirakkal V. Easwaran, State University of New York, New Paltz
On Boolean Topological Methods of Structural Analysis
Louis de Mesnard, University of Burgundy, France
The Solution to a Structured Approximation Problem
Craig S. MacInnes, NUWC, Newport, Rhode Island
Modeling of Subsurface Reactive Fluid-Flow
Astrid Holstad, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway
Computer Simulation and Graphical Pattern of Dendrimers
Leela Rakesh and S. Narayan, Central Michigan University
Isospectral Transformations on Infinite Graphs
Raffaella Burioni and Davide Cassi, Università di Parma, Italy
Applied Studies of Circulation and Sediment Transport in Lake Tanganyika
Victor Podsetchine and Timo Huttula, Regional Environmental Agency of Hame, Finland; and Simo Jarvenoja, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
On the Existence of Positive Solutions of Quasilinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
Yung-sze Choi and Eun Heui Kim, University of Connecticut, Storrs
A Mathematical Model of Tumor-Related Angiogenesis
Sophia Maggelakis, Rochester Institute of Technology
A Model for Epidermal Wound Healing in the Presence of Infection
Andreas Savakis, University of Rochester Medical Center; and Sophia Maggelakis, Rochester Institute of Technology
Symmetric Bounded Quasi-Newton Updates
Chaya Gurwitz, Brooklyn College; and Deborah Sturm, College of Staten Island
Chromosome Classification
John Conroy, IDA Center for Computing Sciences; Tamara G. Kolda, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and Dianne P. O'Leary, University of Maryland, College Park
Constrained Partitioning of Sparse Matrices Using Graph Decompositions
Ignacio Ponzoni, Mabel C. Sanchez, and Nelida B. Brignole, Universidad Nacional de Sur, Argentina
Flaw Delineation in Eddy Current Testing Using Blind Deconvolution
Didier Bouden and Ignace Lemahieu, University of Ghent, Belgium
The Effect of the Plate on a One-Step Outflow Experiment
Glenn Ledder and Joseph M. Skopp, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Continuous Stress Recovery for the Stokes Equations
Revathi Narasimhan, Saint Peter's College
Dynamical Programming Method for the Effective Portfolio Problem Under Competition
T. A. Dopilka, and O.A. Malafeyev, St. Petersburg State University, Russia
The NET Model: A Genetic Regulatory Network for Arabidopsis
Luis Mendoza and Elena Alvarez-Buylla, Instituto de Ecologia. UNAM, Mexico
Multiregion Distributed Parameter Dynamic Model of a Fixed-Bed Reactor
Patrick L. Mills and Harvey T. Randall, DuPont Central Research and Development
Divisibility Properties of Generalized Fermat Numbers
I. Jimenez Calvo, Instituto de Fisica Aplicada, Madrid, Spain
A Coupling Model (Statistical-FEM) for Simulation of the Primary Structure Growth in Castings
Ovidiu Bogdan, Industrial Soft, Montreal, Canada
Non-almost Periodicity of Bounded Solutions of Linear Systems with Bohr Almost Periodic Coefficients
Zuosheng Hu, Carleton University, Canada
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