Speaker Notice

The organizers for both the meeting and the conference expect every speaker of a scheduled presentation, in either the meeting or conference, to register and give his or her presentation. If the speaker is unable to attend and present the talk, he or she is expected to find an alternate speaker immediately, preferably one of the speaker's co-authors. The speaker must inform the SIAM Conference Department immediately of any change in his/her scheduled presentation. A "no-show" or cancelled presentation can cause serious inconvenience to the attendees and meeting organizers.

Time allotted for each presentation, including discussion:
15 minutes for Contributed Presentation (CP) for the Annual Meeting.
20 minutes for Contributed Presentation (CP) for the Discrete Mathematics Conference.
30 minutes for Minisymposium (MS) for either the Annual Meeting or the Discrete Mathematics Conference.

For papers with multiple authors, the speaker is shown in italics if known at press time.

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