Thursday, May 7

Distributed Parameter Systems I

4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Chair: Boris S. Mordukhovich, Wayne State University
Room: Salon D

4:30 Optimal Control of a System Governed by an Elliptic PDE
Amy L. Ward, Clemson University
4:50 Optimization and Feedback Control of State-Constrained Parabolic Systems
Boris S. Mordukhovich, Wayne State University
5:10 Control of Cables with Small Sag
Jose M. Urquiza, Laboratoire des Materiaux et Structures du Genie Civil, France
5:30 Optimal Pulsed Pumping for Remediation of Aquifers When Sorption is Rate-Limited
Mark E. Oxley, and Lawrence J. Schmitt, Air Force Institute of Technology
5:50 Feedback Spreading Controls in Parabolic Systems
Khalid Kassara, University of Casablanca 1, Morocco
6:10 Regional Boundary Controllability of Parabolic Systems
A. El Jai, University of Perpignan, France; E. Zerrik and A. Boutoulout, Universite Moulay Ismaïl, Morocco

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