Thursday, May 7

Estimation and Control in Smart Material Structures

3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Chair: Belinda King, Oregon State University
Room: Salon D

The field of smart material systems (also referred to as controllable material systems, adaptive material systems, compliant systems, intelligent systems by many contributors to the field) is a rapidly emerging science. It is in its infancy with regard to the fundamental science and mathematics necessary to ensure reliable implementation in routine applications. Moreover, there is much exciting and challenging work for control theorists with an interest in science and engineering.

While some materials (e.g., piezoceramics, shape memory alloys, magnetostrictives) can truly sense and inherently respond or actuate, it is controlling these phenomena in some systematic manner that is really the focus of much of the attention of the "smart material" community. Thus the development of smart material structures or systems often involves multiple components of "smart materials" and actually is about control (and associated subjects such as observation, actuator and sensor or measurement phenomena, form of input controls, estimation and parameter identification) of this new type of structures.

In this survey lecture, the speaker will discuss a number of fundamental issues that arise in modeling, estimation and feedback controls research related to smart material structures. Included are the important roles played by and possible approaches to phenomena such as hysteresis, nonlinearities, phase and rheological transitions.

H. T. Banks
Center for Research in Scientific Computation
North Carolina State University

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