Saturday, May 9

Implementation Issues Concerning Identification and Control in Distributed Parameter Systems

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Salon D

This minisymposium focuses on issues that must be addressed when experimentally implementing parameter estimation and control methods for applications modeled by distributed parameter systems. While significant progress has been made on the development of numerical methods for such PDE-based systems, experimental implementation of these methods is still in its infancy. The speakers will illustrate numerical test procedures and address implementation issues for linear and nonlinear biological, structural and temperature control applications.

Organizer: Ralph C. Smith
Iowa State University

10:30 Hydrodynamics of a Biofilm Infested Porous Medium
Kenneth L. Bowers, Montana State University; and Sunil K. Tiwari, Sonoma State University
11:00 Testing of Inverse Algorithms with Noisy Data
H.T. Banks and Irene G. Groselj, North Carolina State University
11:30 Theoretical and Approximation Results for Nonlinear Elastomers with Hysteretic Memory
Gabriella Pinter, North Carolina State University
12:00 Modeling and Control Issues Concerning Nonlinear Actuators
Ralph C. Smith, Organizer

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