Saturday, May 19

Analysis and Control of Fluid-Structure Interaction

3:30 PM-6:00 PM
Jacksonville A&B

The modeling, analysis and control of fluid-structure interactions is a subject with important applications in areas as aircraft engeneering, noise control or combustion theory. The existing literature contains mainly finite -dimensional models or numerical study of infinite-dimensional models. In PDE-based models the system to be studied couples different dynamics (elliptic-hyperbolic, parabolic-hyperbolic or rigid body-hyperbolic). Moreover, in some cases, we have a free boundary value problem, as the deformation of the structure (and consequently the domain occupied by the fluid) is unknown. This is why the study of the wellposedness and control properties requires new mathematical methods. The speakers in this minisymposium will present appropriate mathematical methods to solve the difficulties mentioned above, at least for some simple models. They will discuss possible extensions and open problems.

Organizers: Marius Tucsnak
Universite de Nancy, France
Scott Hansen
Iowa State University

3:30 Controllability of a Beam in an Irrotational Incompressible Fluid
Scott Hansen, Organizer
4:00 Some Control Problems in Linear Fluid-Structure Interaction
Axel Osses, Ecole Polytechnique, France
4:30 Wellposedness and Control of a Rigid Body-Fluid Model
Marius Tucsnak, Organizer
5:00 Stabilization of Surface Waves in a Canal
Stephane Mottelet, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne, France
5:30 Numerical Approximations for the Riccati Equations as it Arises in the Optimal Control of a Model in Structural Acoustics
George Avalos, Texas Tech University

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