Thursday, May 7

Distributed Parameter Methods for Flow and Acoustic Applications

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Omni Ballroom B

This minisymposium focuses on recent developments in distributed parameter system methods for flow and acoustic applications. The speakers will address modeling, analysis, approximation and control issues in a variety of applications including nonlinear flow-induced acoustic fields and flow fields within a chemical-vapor-deposition reactor. Output regulation for both linear and nonlinear distributed parameter systems will be addressed with one talk focusing on the analysis of unbounded control and observation operators. The talks in this minisymposium will illustrate issues common to a number of important emerging applications and should be of interest to a variety of researchers investigating linear and nonlinear flow and acoustic problems.

Organizers: Kazi Ito
North Carolina State University
Ralph C. Smith
Iowa State University

10:30 Output Regulation of Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems
Christopher I. Byrnes, Washington University; David S. Gilliam and Victor I. Shubov, Texas Tech University
11:00 Linear State Feedback Output Regulation with Unbounded Control and Observation
Christopher I. Byrnes, Washington University; David S. Gilliam, Texas Tech University; Istvan G. Lauko, Washington University; and Victor I. Shubov, Texas Tech University
11:30 Small Number of Degrees of Freedom in Simulating and Controlling Chemical-Vapor-Deposition Reactors
Hung Van Ly and Hien T. Tran, North Carolina State University
12:00 Nonlinear Acoustics in Open Cavities
Diana Rubio and H. T. Banks, North Carolina State University

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MMD, 11/17/97