Friday, May 8

Poster Session and Dessert Reception

8:30 PM-10:00 PM
Room: Salon C

This is a 1-1/2 hour plenary session with a dessert reception. All poster presenters are asked to set up their posters on Friday afternoon at 12:30 in room Salon C. Immediately after the end of the session at 10:00 PM, all presenters must remove their display material from the poster boards. Any material left on the boards will be discarded. SIAM is not responsible for any materials left on the board at the end of the session.

A prize will be awarded to the three best poster presentations.

Optimal L Infinity Model Reduction Using Genetic Algorithms
Jeng-Fan Leu and Chyi Hwang, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
New Results on Constructive Algebra an the H2 Model Order Reduction Problem
Bernard Hanzon, FEWEC, Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Stochastic Optimal Control for Palliative Treatment of Cancer Using Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
John J. Westman and Floyd B. Hanson, University of Illinois, Chicago
A Predictive Decoupling Approach for MIMO Control Systems
K. Y. Zhu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
The Stabilizability and Optimal Stabilizability of the Motion of a Nonlinear Systems
Changzheng He, Sichan Union University, People's Republic of China
Dynamic Optimisation of Large Scale Systems
Maria Celeste Colantonio and Radek Pytlak, Imperial College, United Kingdom
H_2-optimal Anti-Windup Performance in Linear SISO Control Systems
Jonas Ohr and Mikael Sternad, Uppsala University, Sweden; and Stefan Ronnback, AssiDoman Tech Center, AssiDoman Coporate R & D, Sweden
Finite-Dimensional Control of Infinite-Dimensional Dissipative Systems
Ricardo M. S. Rosa, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Methods of Linear and Quadratic Approximations in Problems of Optimal Control
V.A. Srochko, Irkutsk State University, Russia
Common Lyapunov Function for Exponentially Stable Nonlinear Systems
Hyungbo Shim, Dae-Jong Noh and Jin H. Seo, Seoul National University, Korea
Robust Controller Design by an Interval Matrix Technique
Antonio Flores-Tlacuahuac and Andrea Silva-Beard, Guillermo Fernandez Anaya Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico
Variance Computation for 2-D ARMA Processes
Jyh-Haur Hwang and Sun-Yuan Tsay, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan; and Chyi Hwang, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
Hypothesis Testing with Minimal Prior Information
Ioannis N. M. Papadakis, Johnson C. Smith University
Optimization in Some News Formulation of Quality Control Problem
Maria E. Camargo, Anvar M. Araslanov, and Joao Eduardo da Silva Pereira, Federal University of Santa Maria (RS), Brazil
On the Linear Quadratic Optimality of Output Feedback Controllers with Guaranteed Infinite Gain Margins
CR. Ashok Kumar and Fredrick Ferguson, NASA Center for Aerospace Research and North Carolina A&T State University
On Reduction of Wide-Band Noise Driven Linear Systems
Agamirza E. Bashirov, Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey
Applications of Discrete Geometry in Optimization Satellite Systems
Sh. I. Galiev, Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil; A. V. Kuzmin, Kazan State Technical University, Russia; H. R. Friedrich, and L. F. D. Lopes, Federal University of Santa Maria (RS), Brazil
Stability Analysis and Robust Stabilization of a Class of Nonlinear Systems Based on Stability Radii
Saeid Jannesari, Burr Brown Corporation, Tucson, Arizona
A Neural Network Based Interpolation Method for Distributed Parameter Identification
Min Sun and C. Zheng, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Stochastic Theory and Adaptive Control by KU Students
Stuart Corder, Kathryn Curry, Shane Haas, Mathew Huang, Mihaela Teodora Matache, Jeremy Stanley, and Peter Zimmer, University of Kansas; and Nathan Welch, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
Practical Stability of Discrete Event Systems Modeled by Petri Nets Using Lyapunov and Comparison Methods
Zvi Retchkiman, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico
Nonlinear Power Moments Serieses and Nonlinear Time Optimality
Grigory M. Sklyar and S.Yu. Ignatovich, Kharkov State University, Ukraine;

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