Sunday, January 17

Session 12
Scheduling I

2:40 PM-3:40 PM
Room: Liberty B
Chair: Joan Feigenbaum, AT&T Laboratories Research

2:40-2:57 Two-Dimensional Gantt Charts and a Scheduling Algorithm of Lawler
Michel X. Goemans, CORE, Louvain, Belgium and Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and David P. Williamson, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
3:00-3:17 Lower Bounds for SRPT-Subsequence Algorithms for Nonpreemptive Scheduling
Eric Torng and Patchrawat Uthaisombut, Michigan State University
3:20-3:37 Minimizing Weighted Completion Time on a Single Machine
Chandra Chekuri, UpdatedBell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies; and Rajeev Motwani, Stanford University

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