Monday, January 18

Session 29
Computational Biology

4:30 PM-5:50 PM
Room: Liberty A
Chair: Craig Benham, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

4:30-4:47 Greedy Algorithms for Optimized DNA Sequencing
Allon G. Percus and David C. Torney, Los Alamos National Laboratory
4:50-5:07 Inverse Inbreeding Coefficient Problems with an Application to Linkage Analysis of Recessive Diseases in Inbred Populations
Richa Agarwala, Leslie G. Biesecker, and Alejandro A. Schäffer, National Institutes of Health
5:10-5:27 Approximation Algorithms for Protein Folding Prediction
Giancarlo Mauri, Antonio Piccolboni, and Giulio Pavesi, University of Milan, Italy
5:30-5:47 The Complexity of Gene Placement
Leslie Ann Goldberg, Paul W. Goldberg, and Michael S. Paterson, University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom; Pavel Pevzner, University of Southern California; Suleyman Cenk Sahinalp, University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom, and University of Pennsylvania; and Elizabeth Sweedyk, Rutgers University

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