Tuesday, January 19

Session 38
Colorings and Cliques

1:30 PM-2:50 PM
Room: Mencken
Chair: Edward Scheinerman, Johs Hopkins University

1:30-1:47 What are the Least Tractable Instances of Max Independent Set?
David S. Johnson and Mario Szegedy, AT&T Laboratories Research
1:50-2:07 A Clique Size Bounding Technique with Application to Nonlinear Codes
Mario Szegedy, AT&T Laboratories Research
2:10-2:27 Colouring Graphs with Prescribed Induced Cycle Lengths
Ingo Schiermeyer, Technische Universität Cottbus, Germany; and Bert Randerath, Universität zu Köln, Germany
2:30-2:47 Finding Maximum Independent Sets in Sparse Graphs
Richard Beigel, University of Illinois, Chicago

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