Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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Session 12/Sun., Jan. 17/3:20 PM
Session 40/Tue., Jan. 19/1:50 PM

Chandra Chekuri's affiliation changed


Session 43/Tue, Jan 19/3:00 PM

Moved to Session 4/10:20 AM



Frank Ruskey added


Session 37/Tue, Jan. 19/11:50 AM

Moved to Session 22 /2:30 PM


Session 19/Mon, Jan. 18/10:20 AM

Author, Craig A. Tovey, added


Session 16/Sun, Jan. 17/4:50 PM

Title changed

Session 13/Sun, Jan. 17/5:10 PM

Title changed

Session 15/Sun, Jan. 17/4:50 PM

Gerth S. Brodal's affiliation changed

Session 17/Mon, Jan. 18/9:00 AM

Shaojiu Wang's affiliation changed

Session 22/Mon, Jan. 18/1:30 PM

Kevin D. Wayne's affiliation changed

Session 32/Mon, Jan. 18/5:10 PM

Kevin D. Wayne's affiliation changed

Session 20/Mon, Jan. 18/10:20 AM

Title changed

Session 36/Tue, Jan. 19/9:00 AM

Title changed

Session 7/Sun, Jan. 17/2:10 PM

Rajmohan Rajaraman's affiliation changed

Session 20/Mon, Jan. 18/9:00 AM

Steve Guattery's affiliation changed

Session 30/Mon, Jan. 18/4:30 PM

Gill Barequet's affiliation changed

Session 9/Sun, Jan. 17/3:00 PM

Gill Barequet's affiliation changed

Session 11/Sun, Jan. 17/2:40 PM

Vincenzo Liberatore's affiliation changed

Session 32/Mon, Jan. 18/4:50 PM

Title changed

Session 32/Mon, Jan. 18/5:30 PM

Title changed

Session 37/Tue, Jan. 19/2:10 PM

I. Streinu's affiliation changed

Session 35/Tue, Jan. 19/10:20 AM

Title changed

Session 31/Mon, Jan. 18/5:30 PM

Author, Codrin Nichitiu, added

Session 35/Tue, January 19/10:00 AM

Title changed

Session 45/Tue, Jan. 19/4:50 PM

Title changed

Session 42/Tue, Jan. 19/3:00 PM

Luerbio Faria's affiliation changed

Session 13/Sun, Jan. 17/4:50 PM

Author, Sven Schuierer, added

Session 43/Tue, Jan. 19/3:00 PM

Session title changed to Parallel Computation


Session 2/Sun, Jan. 17/10:20 AM

Title Changed and Author, Santosh Vempala,  MIT, added

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