Sunday, July 12

Algebraic Combinatorics

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Chair: Daniel Panario, University of Toronto, Canada
Room: Sidney Smith 1072

10:30 Analysis of Rabin's Polynomial Irreducibility Test
Daniel Panario, University of Toronto, Canada; and Alfredo Viola, Pedeciba Informatica, Montevideo, Uruguay
10:50 A 0-1 Permanent Algorithm with O(exp(n¼O(1))) Expected Speedup
Eric Bax, California Institute of Technology
11:10 Approximate Square Roots in Zm
I. Jiménez Calvo, Instituto de Fisica Aplicada, Madrid, Spain
11:30 Pseudo-Random Number Generator Based on Quadratic Functions in the Galois Field GF(2n)
F. Montoya Vitini, J. Muñnoz Masqué, and A. Peinado Domínguez, Insituto de Fisica Aplicada, Madrid, Spain
11:50 M-convex and L-convex Functions over Real Space --- Two Classes of Combinatorial Convex Functions
Akiyoshi Shioura, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan; and Kazuo Murota, Kyoto University, Japan
12:10 Gold Ring Bundles Theory and Its Applications
Volodymyr V. Riznyk, Lviv Polytechnic State University, Ukraine
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LMH, 2/19/98