Tuesday, July 14

Trees and Enumeration

3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Chair: K. Brooks Reid, California State University, San Marcos
Room: Sidney Smith 2111

3:30 Balance Vertices in Trees
K. Brooks Reid, California State University, San Marcos
3:50 Counting Spanning Arborescences
Kathryn L. B. Wood and Wendy Myrvold, University of Victoria, Canada
4:10 Combinatorial and Probabilistic Analysis of Catalan Structures
Lisa M. McShine and Prasad V. Tetali, Georgia Institute of Technology
4:30 Finding the Maximum Number of K4 Subgraphs of a Graph.
Robert Cowen and William Emerson, Queens College, City University of NewYork
4:50 Calculation of General Recoupling Coefficients Using Binary Tree Transformations
Veerle Fack and Joris Van der Jeugt, University of Ghent, Belgium
5:10 An Enumeration Theorem for Nonisomorphic Inversion Preserving Morphisms
Michael Hofmeister, Siemens AG, Munich, Germany
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MMD, 5/29/98