Wednesday, July 15

Probabilistic Combinatorics

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Chair: Robert P. Dobrow, Truman State University
Room: Sidney Smith 2111

10:30 Total Path Length for Recursive Trees
Robert P. Dobrow, Truman State University; and James Allen Fill, Johns Hopkins University
10:50 Maximum Bandwidth Sum of Complementary Graphs
Zoltan Furedi, Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy, Hungary and University of Illinois, Urbana; and Douglas B. West, University of Illinois, Urbana
11:10 On Local Distinguishing Numbers of Graphs
Christine T. Cheng and Lenore J. Cowen, The Johns Hopkins University
11:30 List Coloring of Pseudo-Random Graphs
Noga Alon, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Michael Krivelevich, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, and Benny Sudakov, Tel Aviv University, Israel
11:50 On Some Simple Degree Conditions Which Guarantee Typical Upper Bound on the Chromatic Number of Graphs
Van H. Vu, Yale University
12:10 Progressions in Sequences of Nearly Consecutive Integers
Noga Alon and Ayal Zaks, Tel Aviv University, Israel
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LMH, 2/20/98; MMD, 5/29/98