Wednesday, July 15

Graph Theory II

3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Chair: Laura A. Sanchis, Colgate University
Room: Sidney Smith 2130

For Part I, see CP9.

3:30 On the Relationship Between the Size of a Graph and Its Connected Domination Number
Laura A. Sanchis, Colgate University
3:50 A Characterization of Graphs Whose Domination, Matching and Covering Numbers are Equal
Donovan R. Hare, Okanagan University College, Kelowna, Canada; and William McCuaig, Burnaby, Canada
4:10 Voting Games: Position Value Using the Complete Graph
Kathy W. Hoke, University of Richmond
4:30 Planar Graph Embedding and PL-Homeomorphisms
Rephael Wenger, Ohio State University, Columbus; and Janos Pach, City College, City University of New York and Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences, New York University
4:50 Maximal Outerplanar Graphs: Recognition and Extensions
Claudia Marcela Justel and Lilian Markenzon, Instituto Militar de Engenharia, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
5:10 Maxregular Graphs
Rosa Maria Nader Damião Rodrigues, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; Nair Maria Maia de Abreu, COPPE-Produção, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; Lilian Markenzon, Instituto Militar de Engenharia, Brasil
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LMH, 2/20/98; MMD, 5/29/98