Monday, July 13

Combinatorial Designs

3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Chair: Lucia Moura, University of Toronto, Canada
Room: Sidney Smith 1078

3:30 Maximal s-Wise t-Intersecting Families of Sets
Lucia Moura, University of Toronto, Canada
3:50 Spherical Designs
Jaap J. Seidel, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
4:10 Candelabra Systems
Hedvig Mohacsy and Dijen Ray-Chaudhuri, Ohio State University, Columbus
4:30 New Constructions for Lattice Square Designs
David C. Torney, Los Alamos National Laboratory
4:50 Classes of Supplementary Difference Systems Arising From Finite Projective Geometries
Anie Chaderjian, Scripps College
5:10 Application of Combinatorial Designs for Constructing an Object-Oriented Environment
Lin-Ching Chang and Simon Y. Berkovich, The George Washington University
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LMH, 2/20/98; MMD, 5/29/98