Wednesday, July 15

Discharging Methods

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room: Sidney Smith 2135

This minisymposium will focus on the proof technique known as the Discharging Method. Famous for its use in the solution of the Four Color Theorem, this method has now been successfully used in a wide variety of applications. Classes of graphs with low average degree, including all minor closed classes of graphs (e.g. partial k-trees, graphs on surfaces) arise in many applications. Those who encounter such classes of graphs should have the Discharging Method in their bag of tricks, especially since it yields practical polytime algorithms.

Organizer: Daniel P. Sanders
Princeton University
10:30 Discharging in the Fiorini-Wilson Conjecture
Tom Fowler, Georgia Institute of Technology
11:00 Finite Planar Covers of Graphs
Petr Hlineny, Georgia Institute of Technology
11:30 On the Edge Reconstruction of Graphs Embedded in Surfaces
Yue Zhao, Benedict College
12:00 On the Structure of Graphs Critical for Edge Coloring
Daniel P. Sanders, Organizer
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MMD, 5/29/98