Wednesday, July 15

Number Theory and Formal Languages

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room: Sidney Smith 1072

Arithmetic properties of real numbers or of formal power series can often be deduced from combinatorial properties of the infinite sequences of their digits or coefficients. The speakers will illustrate these links between discrete combinatorial properties of sequences, number theory, and language theory, in four directions: combinatorial properties of 2-dimensional sequences that are periodic in one direction, computation of the i-th digit of the n-th iterated image of a morphism, arithmetic properties of real numbers generated by primitive morphisms, transcendence of numbers having a "combinatorially good" base-r or continued fraction expansion.

Organizer: Jean-Paul S. Allouche
CNRS, Université Paris-Sud Orsay, France
10:30 On Bidimensional Sequences
Michel Koskas, LARIA, Université d'Amiens, France
11:00 A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Computing the i'th Digit of varphi n (a)
Jeff Shallit, and David Swart, University of Waterloo, Canada
11:30 Real Numbers Whose Base r Expansion is Given by a Substitution
Luca Q. Zamboni, University of North Texas
12:00 Transcendence of Real Numbers Whose Binary or Continued Fraction Expansion is a Fixed Point of a Morphism
Jean-Paul Allouche, Organizer
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LMH, 2/23/98; MMD, 6/17/98