Tuesday, May 25

Data Analysis I/Spatiotemporal

3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Room: Ballroom I
Chair: Thomas Schreiber, University of Wuppertal, Germany

3:00-3:15 Locating Information Sources in Spatiotemporal Data
Thomas Schreiber, University of Wuppertal, Germany; and Jochen Arnhold, UpdatedJohn von Neumann Institute for Computing (NIC), Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
3:20-3:35 Identification and Characterization of High-Dimensional Chaos
Martin J. Bünner and Antonio Politi, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Florence, Italy; Rainer Hegger and Holger Kantz, Max-Planck Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden, Germany
3:40-3:55 Lyapunov Spectra from Sub-System Information in Spatiotemporal Systems: A Time-Series Perspective
R. Carretero-González, S. Ørstavik, and J. Stark, University College London, United Kingdom; J. Huke and D.S. Broomhead; University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, United Kingdom
4:00-4:15 Low-Dimensional Approximations to High-Dimensional Systems
Stephen P. Meacham, Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts
4:20-4:35 Spatiotemporal Chaos in Yttrium Iron Garnet Films
Christopher L. Goodridge, Frederic Rachford, Thomas Carroll and Louis Pecora, Naval Research Laboratory
4:40-4:55 NewDeterministic Structure in Data from a Free Running Neuronal Ensemble: A Comparison of Nonlinear Tests for Determinism
Joseph T. Francis, George Mason University and George Washington University; and Paul So, George Mason University

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