DS99 Program Updates

Fifth SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems

May 23-27, 1999,
Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Snowbird, Utah

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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MS30/Tues, May 25/10:00 AM

C. Jones's title changed

MS12/Mon, May 24/10:00 AM

S. Novikov cancelled

CP3/Sun, May 23/4:00 PM

I. Gabitov cancelled

PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

C-YD Lu added as co-author to P. Olmsted talk

CP20/Tues, May 25/4:40 PM

J. R. Luevano cancelled

CP13/Mon, May 24/4:20 PM

A. Kim cancelled

CP27/Tues, May 25/8:10 PM

M. Matias cancelled

MS18/Mon, May 24/10:00 AM

A. Tovbis cancelled


IP8/Wed, May 26/1:30 PM

J. Keener added as chair

MS39/Wed, May 26/10:30 AM

T. Geisel cancelled

PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

K. Yagasaki's title updated

CP9/Sun, May 23/3:00 PM

V. Ryabov added as chair

CP43/Wed, May 26/4:00 PM

M. Brons cancelled

CP11/Mon, May 24/4:40 PM

S. Luding added

MS47/Thurs, May 27/11:00 AM

No longer cancelled - A. Neiman now speaking


MS18/Mon, May 24/11:00 AM

P. Daripa title's changed

CP8/Sun, May 23/3:20 PM

A. Bekker cancelled

MS40/Wed, May 26/11:00 AM

J. Masdemont changed to speaker

CP5/Sun, May 23/3:00 PM

M. Golubitsky added as chair

PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

P. Olmsted added


CP11/Mon, May 24/4:20 PM

H. Riecke added

CP3/Sun, May 23/4:20 PM
PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

J. Geddes talks switched


MS36/Wed, May 26/10:00 AM

Y-C. Lai cancelled as co-author

MS47/Thurs, May 27/11:00 AM

F. Moss cancelled

CP6/Sun, May 23/4:00 PM

J. Byrne cancelled

MS43/Wed, May 26/11:30 AM

Y-S. Lee replaced by J.D. Lechleiter

CP22/Tues, May 25/3:40 PM

A. B. Gumel cancelled


CP23/Tues, May 25/4:20 PM
PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

J. Duan talks switched

CP25/Tues, May 25/8:30 AM

J. Wood cancelled from author list

MS20/Mon, May 24/10:30 AM

J. Lamb added

CP3/Sun, May 23/4:40 PM

G. Santoboni cancelled


MS6/Sun, May 23/10:30 AM

A. Wilkinson cancelled
H. Hu added
C. Walkden cancelled
I. Melbourne added

MS55/Thurs, May 27/11:00 AM

B. Melville cancelled

CP42/Wed, May 26/3:40 PM

M. Silber changed to speaker

CP28/Tues, May 25/7:30 PM

C. Topaz changed to speaker

CP12/Mon, May 24/4:40 PM

A. Stefanovska changed to speaker


MS44/Wed, May 26/10:30 AM

A. Oberg replaced by R. Murray

MS14/Mon, May 24/10:00 AM

A. S. Mikhailov replaced by E. Barreto

MS8/Sun, May 23/11:00 AM

J. B. van den Berg added

IP8/Wed, May 26/1:30 PM

J. Keizer replaced by G. Oster

CP10/Mon, May 24/4:20 PM

D. Jones moved to MS23

MS16/Mon, May 24/11:30 AM

P. Wriggers cancelled

MS50/Thurs, May 27/11:30 AM

J. Sotomayor cancelled

PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

K. Yagasaki's title changed
D. J. Muraki added
A. Pentek added
P. Roper added


CP21/Tues, May 25/3:00 PM

P. Daripa's title changed

MS18/Mon, May 24

11:00 AM P. Daripa added
11:30 AM V. Zharnitsky added

MS44/Wed, May 26/10:30 AM

A. Oberg cancelled

MS23/Mon, May 24/4:30 PM

I. Roulstone cancelled

CP1/Sun, May 23/4:20 PM

J. J. Torres changed to speaker


MS54/Thurs, May 27/11:00 AM

G. Schneider cancelled
I. Melbourne moved up to 11:00 AM

PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

S. Orstavik cancelled

CP4/Sun, May 23/3:00 PM

E. Covas cancelled


MS19/Mon, May 24/11:00 AM

Cyrill Muratov added as speaker

PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

R. Choudhury cancelled

CP20/Tues, May 25/4:00 PM

Y-C. Lai changed to speaker - talk not cancelled

CP35/Wed, May 26/3:00 PM

B. Naujoks cancelled

MS18/Mon, May 24/10:00 AM

V. Roytburd cancelled


CP3/Sun, May 23/

3:20 PM K. Short changed to speaker
4:20 PM J. B. Geddes changed to speaker

CP16/Tues, May 25/4:40 PM

S. Ruan added

PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

B. Hu cancelled

CP8/Sun, May 23/4:20 PM

L. Pismen added


MS8/Sun, May 23/11:00 AM

C. G. Ragazzo cancelled

MS43/Wed, May 26/11:00 AM

N. Allbritton replaced by I. Parker

MS25/Mon, May 24/4:00 PM

L. Rondoni replaced by M. Wojtkowski

Poster/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

H. Luithardt cancelled
Y. Jiang cancelled
P. Yanguas cancelled

CP9/Sun, May 23/3:20 PM

R. Beardmore cancelled


MS16/Mon, May 24/10:00 AM

Minisymposium summary added

MS15/Mon, May 24/10:00 AM

G. Papanicolaou added as co-author

MS45/Wed, May 26

10:30 AM S. Pekarsky added
11:00 AM P. Topping added

MS11/Mon, May 24/11:30 AM

R. Roy's talk updated

CP11/Mon, May 24/3:40 PM

L. Tsimring cancelled


CP33/Tues, May 25/8:30 PM

Y. Tsega moved to Poster Session

CP32/Tue, May 25/9:10 PM

J.M. Perez Cerda listed as the only author

MS24/Mon, May 24/4:30 PM

H. Hauksson cancelled


CP18/Tues, May 25/3:40 PM

K. Engelborghs cancelled

CP13/Mon, May 24/4:00 PM

Y. Rogovchenko cancelled

CP11/Mon, May 24/4:00 PM

J. D. Goddard cancelled

MS47/Thur, May 27/10:00 AM

P. Tass added as co-author


CP26/Tues, May 25/8:50 PM

J-L. Gouze cancelled

CP9/Sun, May 23/3:00 PM

M. Todd cancelled

CP8/Sun, May 23/4:20 PM

A. Sarychev cancelled


MS45/Wed, May 26/10:00 AM

S. Shkoller's title changed


MS42/Wed, May 26/11:30 AM

T. Kapitula added


MS45/Wed, May 26/11:00 AM

B. Khesin cancelled

CP26/Tues, May 25/9:10 AM

P. Nelson cancelled

CP11/Mon, May 24/4:40 PM

E.A. Spiegel added as co-author

PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

M. Han cancelled

CP42/Wed, May 26/4:40 PM

A. Palacios added

CP19/Tues, May 25/4:40 PM

C.P. Coleman added

CP13/Mon, May 24/4:40 PM

P. Magel added


PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

List of late additions added


CP24/Tues, May 25/4:40 PM

X. Ren added

CP26/Tues, May 25

Session talks updated

CP16/Tues, May 25

E. Cherry moved to CP26
J. Haefner time changed to 4:00
J-L. Gouze moved to CP26

CP15/Tues, May 25/4:40 PM

J. Francis added from CP26

MS2/Sun, May 23/11:30 AM

J. Blakely changed to speaker

PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

G. Van der Schrier cancelled

CP37/Wed, May 26

T. Wanner added as chair of session


CP15/Tues, May 25/3:00 PM

J. Arnhold changed to speaker

MS18/Mon, May 24/10:30 AM


MS10/Sun, May 23

Order of speakers changed


MS49/Thursday, May 27

Ioannis T. Georgiou added as co-organizer


MS29/Tues, May 25/11:30 AM

E. Izhikevich's title updated


PS/Wed, May 26/7:00 PM

M. Kroll cancelled

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