Wednesday, March 24

Seismic Inversion

2:40 PM-4:00 PM
Room: Ballroom C
Chair: Clifford J. Nolan, University of Washington

2:40-2:55 Inverse Wave Scattering in 2-D Elastic Domains
M. Tadi, U.S. Dept. of Energy
3:00-3:15 Trust Regions and the Regularization of Large-Scale Discrete Ill-Posed Problems
Marielba Rojas and Danny C. Sorensen, Rice University
3:20-3:35 Automatic Full Waveform Inversion of Real CMP Gathers
Guy Chavent, Université Paris-Dauphine, France; and François Clément, INRIA- Rocquencourt, Le Chesnay, France
3:40-3:55 A Geostatistical Approach to Obtaining Geologically Plausible ERT Inversions
Steven F. Carle, Abelardo L. Ramirez, William D. Daily, Robin L. Newmark, and Andrew F. B. Tompson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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