GS99 Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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CP10/Frid, March 26/5:10 PM

M. Peletier cancelled

CP8/Thurs, March 25/6:10 PM

M. Martinez-Canales cancelled

MS27/Frid, March 26/2:30 PM

A. Piacentini cancelled
Z. Li added

CP12/Frid, March 26/4:50 PM

G. S. Herrera cancelled


CP11/Frid, March 26/5:30 PM

I. Pestov cancelled


CP7/Thurs, March 25/4:50 PM

E. Fein cancelled

PS/Wed, March 24/6:30 PM

R. Healy cancelled

CP9/Thurs, March 25/4:50 PM

G. Ledder cancelled


PS/Wed, March 24/6:30 PM

M. Peszynska moved to CP9
P. Lanucara cancelled
O. Rozanova cancelled
A. Avdeev cancelled
G. Konyukh cancelled

CP6/Thurs, March 25/5:50 PM

P. Indelman replaced G. Dagan as speaker


MS30/Fri, March 26/2:00 PM

A. Piatnitski's title changed


CP9/Thurs, March 25/5:30 PM

E. Kaasschieter cancelled


MS32/Sat, March 27/10:45 AM

J. J. Westernick's title/author list updated

CP5/Thurs, March 25/6:10 PM

Lucio Santos cancelled

MS13/Thurs, March 25/12:00 PM

S.P. Neuman added

CP7/Thurs, March 25/4:30 PM

F. J. Molz's talk moved to MS8

MS28/Frid, March 26/3:30 PM

S.B. Yabusaki added


MS6/Wed, March 24/5:00 PM

N. Bleistein's title changed

MS36/Sat, March 27/9:45 AM-11:45 AM

Entire Session added to program

CP11/Fri, March 26/4:30 PM

Chair confirmed

CP8/Thu, March 25/4:30 PM

Chair confirmed

CP4/Wed March 24/2:40 PM

Chair confirmed

CP13/Fri, March 26/6:10 PM

F. Konecny's talk added

CP11/Fri, March 26/6:10 PM

S. Jin's talk added

PS/Wed March 24, 6:30 PM

D. Pepper's talk added

JP1/Wed March 24/8:30 AM

Mary Wheeler's abstract added1


MS19/Thu. March 25/2:00 PM

B. Chua's title added

MS2/Wed. March 24/11:30 AM

P. Goovaerts' title added


MS2/Wed. March 24/10:00 AM

Titles added

CP1/Wed. March 24/3:20 PM
CP7/Thur. March 25/5:30 PM

Talks of G. K. Mahinthakumar & B. Fitzpatrick switched.

MS11/Thur. March 25/10:30 AM
MS19/Thur. March 25/2:00 PM

Title & speakers changed in these sessions


Speaker Index added


MS2/Wed, March 24/10:00 AM

All speakers updated

MS17/Thu, March 25/2:30 PM

Title/author added


MS33/Saturday, March 27/10:15 AM

Title added

MMD Created: 11/19/98 Updated: 3/18/99