Friday, March 26

Nonlinear Effects on the Propagation Properties of Numerical Models of Geophysical Flow and Transport Processes

8:30 AM-9:15 AM
Room: Texas Ballroom B
Chair: Johannes J. Westerink, University of Notre Dame

The determination of the propagation properties, i.e., stability, amplitude and phase portraits, and convergence of numerical schemes employed in the simulation of nonlinear geophysical flow and transport processes are not simple tasks. Fully nonlinear analyses are limited to specific forcings or initial conditions. Methods that are generally applicable to linear problems are most often limited to constant coefficient systems. The speaker will introduce an approach that profits from the generality of techniques employed in linear analyses and allows the inclusion of dominant nonlinear effects. The approach employs Taylor-Fréchet expansions of the discrete operators and localization techniques. He will also present examples that explain observed behaviors in free surface flow, unsaturated subsurface flow and nonlinear transport modeling to illustrate the application of the approach.

Alvaro A. Aldama
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico

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MMD, 11/19/98