Thursday, March 25

Complexity in Hydrobiogeochemistry: A Multidisciplinary Integrative Approach

2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Room: Ballroom A

Multidisciplinary and integrated research efforts are the key to well-coordinated scientific approaches for solving environmental problems. These efforts often involve designing, developing, and testing integrated models of complex processes. The objectives are to facilitate the exchange of information and new findings, the utilization of high-performance computational resources, and the real-time application of the models to large-scale environmental problems. The speakers will discuss development efforts using an AVS-based user interface that allows display of experimental data and remote steering of high-performance hydrobiogeochemistry models in distributed computing environments. They will also discuss ongoing experimental efforts, model development, performance enhancement, and multiscale applications.

Organizers: J. P. Jack Gwo and Philip M. Jardine
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2:00-2:25 Field-Scale Processes that Govern the Conceptual Framework of Hydrobiogeochemical Models
Philip M. Jardine, Organizer; Scott Brooks, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Melanie Mayes, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and Tonia Mehlhorn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2:30-2:55 Theoretical and Computational Development of a Hydrobiogeochemical Model
Gour-Tsyh Yeh, Pennsylvania State University
3:00-3:25 Intrinsic Parallelism and Implementation of a High-Performance Hydrobiogeochemical Model
Eduardo F. D'Azevedo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; J. P. Jack Gwo. Organizer; and Hartmut Frenzel, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
3:30-3:55 Integration and Multiscale Application of a Hydrobiogeochemical Model
J. P. Jack Gwo, Organizer; Forrest M. Hoffman and Hartmut Frenzel, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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