Saturday, March 27

Solution Strategies to the Shallow Water Equations

9:45 AM-11:45 AM
Room: UpdatedExecutive Salon 4

It has been two decades since the Generalized Wave-Continuity Equation (GWCE) solution algorithm to the shallow water equations was proposed. GWCE solutions offer monotonic dispersion characteristics and non-diffusive propagation behavior resulting in smooth solutions free of both spuroius oscillations and non-physical damping. For these reasons the GWCE solution has been widely used in many coastal ocean models. However, consistency and mass conservation problems have arisen for scenarios in very shallow waters that apply fine grids. This minisymposium provides a forum to discuss experiences, difficulties and their possible solutions with GWCE and other shallow water equations algorithms.

Organizers: Randall L. Kolar
University of Oklahoma
Johannes J. Westerink
University of Notre Dame

9:45-10:10 A Look Back at 20 Years of Wave Equation Models
Randall L. Kolar and Johannes J. Westerink, Organizers
10:15-10:40 Experience with Finite Element Models of the Shallow Water Equations
Jeffrey P. Laible, University of Vermont
10:45-11:10 UpdatedIssues of Mass Conservation Associated with a GWCE Based Finite Element Surface Water Model
Johannes J. Westerink, Organizer; R. L. Kolar, University of Oklahoma; and R. A. Luettich, UNC Institute of Marine Sciences
11:15-11:40 An Upwind Finite Volume Method for the Shallow Water Equations
Clint Dawson, University of Texas, Austin

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