Microsoft Research Student Travel Awards

Microsoft Research has provided a generous contribution for Student Travel Grants, allowing us to make thirteen (13) awards of $550 each toward travel to SODA10.
Any full-time student in good standing is eligible to receive an award plus complimentary symposium registration.  Complimentary registration is applicable for SODA10 only; it is not applicable to either workshop preceding the symposium. Top priority will be given to students presenting papers at the symposium, with second priority to students who are co-authors of papers to be presented at the symposium. An application for a travel award must include:

  1. A letter from the student describing his/her academic standing and interests, his/her expected graduation date and degree, advisor's name, and, if available, a URL for a working Web page.
  2. If applicable, the title(s) of the paper(s) to be presented by the student (author or co-author) at the meeting.
  3. A detailed list of projected expenses, in US dollars.
  4. Statement from the student's advisor indicating availability of funds, reason(s) the student is deserving of a travel award, and any special circumstances.


Complete applications must be received at the SIAM office no later than December 7, 2009. Winners will be selected by the SODA Steering Committee and will be notified by December 21, 2009.  If a winner has already paid for registration, their payment will be refunded.

Other expenses, up to the $550 limit, will be reimbursed after the submission of a summary of expenses together with relevant receipts. Details and the needed forms will be available at the conference.

Applications should be sent to the following address:
SODA10 – Microsoft Research Student Travel Awards
c/o Bill Kolata, Technical Director
3600 Market Street, 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688

Applications by e-mail will also be accepted. Send all the requested information in .pdf format to [email protected]. Use the subject line "SODA10 - Microsoft Research Student Travel Awards".

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