Tuesday, May 20

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Chair: Elbert E. N. Macau, University of Maryland, College Park Magpie A & B - Level B

Controlling Chaos

10:00 Nonlinear Control of Remote Unstable States in a Liquid Bridge Convection Experiment
Valery Petrov, Michael F. Schatz, Kurt A. Muehlner, Stephen J. VanHook, W. D. McCormick, J. B. Swift, and Harry L. Swinney, University of Texas, Austin
10:20 Targeting from a Chaotic Scattering
Elbert E. N. Macau and Edward Ott, University of Maryland, College Park
10:40 Sustaining Chaos using Basin Boundary Saddles
Ira B. Schwartz, Naval Research Laboratory; and Ioana Triandaf, SAIC, McLean, VA
11:00 Exponentially Amplified Sampling and Reconstruction of Weak Signals Using Controlled Chaotic Orbits
Chance M. Glenn, Sr., Johns Hopkins University
11:20 Suppressed and Induced Chaos by Near Resonant Perturbation of Bifurcations
Larry Fabiny and Sandeep T. Vohra, Naval Research Laboratory

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TMP, 4/4/97