DS97 Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic preliminary program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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Last Updated: MMD, 5/9/97

3/6/97 CP36/Thursday, May 22 J. Batt Cancelled
3/18/97 MS15/Monday, May 19 Gregory Falkovich Cancelled
4/10/97 MS37/Wednesday, May 21 Ortwin Hess Replaced by Markus Muenkel
4/11/97 Poster II/Wednesday, May 21 Jack Bacynski cancelled
Poster I/Tuesday, May 20 Xavier de Hemptinne Cancelled
Poster I/Tuesday, May 20 Sujit K. Bose Cancelled
CP11/Monday, May 19 Christian Kharif Cancelled
Poster I/Tuesday, May 20 Yaojun Shi Cancelled
Poster II/Wednesday, May 21 Jie Huang Cancelled
Poster II/Wednesday, May 21 V. L. Kocic Cancelled
Poster II/Wednesday, May 21 Norbert Seehafer Cancelled
Poster II/Wednesday, May 21 Jordi Villaneuva Cancelled
CP7/Sunday/May 18 Ole Bang Cancelled
CP25/Wednesday, May 21 Arkady Pikovsky Cancelled
MS5/Sunday, May 18 Celso Grebogi Cancelled
MS5/Sunday, May 18 Erik M. Bollt Added
MS26/Tuesday, May 20 Salah Mohammed Cancelled
Poster II/Wednesday, May 21 Fatihcan M. Atay Cancelled
Poster II/Wednesday, May 21 A. Reinfelds Cancelled
Poster II/Wednesday, May 21 Jack Baczynski Cancelled
4/14/97Poster I/Tuesday, May 20 Kirk M. Sexton Cancelled
Poster I/Tuesday, May 20Alex MogilnerAdded
Poster I/Tuesday, May 20Jon-Paul VoroneyAdded
4/16/97 Manuel L. Esquivel Poster II/Wednesday, May 21 Cancelled
4/17/97 Poster I/Tuesday, May 20 Ivan I. Shevchenko Cancelled
MS44/Thursday, May 22 Henk van Beijeren Cancelled
4/24/97 MS35/Wednesday, May 21 Charles Peskin Replaces Ronald Fox
PSI/TUESDAY, MAY 20 Jorge Galan-Vioque Added
PSII/Wednesday, May 21 Richard Wellman Cancelled
PSII/Wednesday, May 21 Kirk Tolman Cancelled
CP13/Monday, May 19 Peter Szmolyan Cancelled
CP2/Sunday, May 18 Mohammad Tajdari Moved to PSII
PSII/Wednesday, May 21 Lou Pecora Added
CP30/Thursday, May 22 Eric Mosekilde Cancelled
5/1/97 MS26/Tuesday, May 20 Entire Session Speaker and titles changed
5/7/97 MS42/Wednesday May 21/3:00 PM Herbert Levine Speaker changed to David Kessler
PSII/Wednesday, May 21 Jon Lee Moved to CP5
PSI/Tuesday, May 20 Roger Menday Cancelled
PSII/Wednesday, May 21 Serge Bielawski Added
MS27/Tuesday, May 20/11:00 Anil Bajaj Cancelled

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MMD, 5/9/97