Program Overview

Following are subject classifications for the sessions. The codes in parentheses designate session type and number. The session types are contributed presentations (CP), invited presentations (IP), minisymposia (MS), and poster presentations. The poster presentations are in two sessions -- Poster I and Poster II, Tuesday and wednesday evenings, respectively.

Principal Themes

Dynamics in Undergraduate Education

Teaching Differential Equations Dynamically (MS24)
Teaching Dynamical Systems to Undergraduates (IP3)
Teaching Dynamics (CP17)

Hamiltonian Systems and Transport

Hamiltonian Systems (CP8)
Integrable Systems Methods for Curve Evolution (MS22)
Slow Evolution in Conservative Systems (MS27)
Transport in Hamiltonian Systems (MS36)

Mathematical Biology

Biological Microswimming (MS28)
Biology (CP30)
Biomolecular Motors (IP7)
Bursting and Biochemical Oscillations (CP23)
Continuum Models of Biological Macromolecules (MS32)
Dynamical and Statistical Modeling of Biological Systems (MS42)
Dynamics of Cortical Neural Networks - Parts I and II (MS17), (MS23)
Dynamics of Curves and Filaments (MS25)
Mathematics and Medicine: From the Laboratory to the Clinic (MS10)
Molecular Motors (MS35)
Neural and Excitable Systems (CP18), (CP20)

Noise in Dynamical Systems

New Results for Stochastic PDEs (MS12)
Noise and Heteroclinic Phenomena (MS48)
Nonlinear Dynamics of Large Fluctuations (MS19)
Processing Signals from Noisy Chaotic Systems (MS8)
Random Dynamical Systems (MS26)
Stochastic Resonance (CP25 )
Stochastic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (MS3)
Stochastic Resonance in Sensory Biology (IP5)

Patterns and Spatio-Temporal Chaos

Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equations as Perturbations of Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations (IP11)
Experiments on Spatio-Temporal Chaos (MS1)
Intricate Interfaces and Modulated Membranes - Their Geometry and Nonlinear Dynamics (IP2)
Karhunen-Loeve Methods (CP31)
Model Reduction, Analysis, and Control of Spatio-Temporal Dynamics Using KL Methods (MS31)
Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation in Combustion (MS50)
Pattern Formation and Singular Perturbations (MS18)
Reaction-Diffusion Equations (CP26)
Spatio-Temporal Chaos (CP27)
Spatio-Temporal Chaos: Characterization and Control (MS6)
Spiral-Wave Domains and Filaments: Experiments, Numerics, Theory (MS11)
Universal Spatio-Temporal Chaos in Large Assemblies of Simple Dynamical Units (IP10)
Waves and Ginzburg-Landau Equations (CP24)


Applications of Synchronized Chaos and Hyperchaos (MS38)
Communicating with Chaos (MS5)
Nonlinear Oscillators (MS9)
Phase Dynamics and Synchronization in Chaotic Systems (MS16)
Riddling in Chaotic Systems (MS51)
Synchronization I and II (CP9), (CP21)

Applications in:

Aerospace Engineering

Nonlinear Phenomena in Aeroengine Dynamics and Control (MS4)

Condensed Matter Physics

Applications in Physics (CP13)
Dynamical Systems Theory and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics (MS44)
Josephson Junction Arrays: Progress and Puzzles (MS21)


Control and Shadowing (MS47)
Controlling Chaos (CP19)
Engineering and Control (CP37)
Nonlinear Control of Lagrangian Systems (IP9)
Periodic Orbits in Chaotic Systems (MS40)
Unstable Periodic Orbits (CP5)


Chaotic Advection, Turbulence, and Transport (CP32), (CP35)
Convection and Hexagonal Patterns (CP14)
Diffusion and Turbulence on Water Surfaces (MS15)
Fluids (CP16), (CP29)
Nonlinear Waves (CP11)
Scaling Exponents in Turbulence (IP4)

Lasers and Optical Fibers

Dynamics of Laser Arrays: Coherence, Chaos, and Control (MS45)
Fundamental Nonlinear Dynamics of Diode Lasers (MS37)
Lasers (CP1)
Nonlinear Optics and Solitons (CP4), (CP7)
Periodically and Randomly Driven Dynamics in Nonlinear Optical Fibers ( MS33)


Bucket Brigade Production Lines (IP6)


Applied Mechanics (CP3)


Dynamical System Methods for Oceanic and Atmospheric Flows - Parts I and II (MS2) and (MS7)
Interplay of Fluid Dynamics and Biology of Plankton Population Models (MS13)
Lagrangian Transport in Mesoscale Ocean Structures (IP1)
Low-Frequency Variability in the Double-Gyre Circulation (MS30)

Quantum Chaos

New Directions in Quantum Chaos (MS43)
Small Electronics and Quantum Chaos (IP8)

Mathematical Methods

Applications of the Geometric Phase (MS41)
Attractors, Fractals, and Dimensions (CP10)
Bifurcation and Symmetry (CP33)
Bifurcation Theory and Systems of Nonlinear Conservation Laws ( MS29)
Computing Invariant Manifolds (MS20)
Energy Transfer in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (MS46)
Invariant Measures and Ergodicity (CP12)
Maps (CP6)
Melnikov Theory (CP22)
Melnikov Methods for Partial Differential Equations (MS49)
Numerical Methods (CP28)
Partial Differential Equations (CP36)
Perturbation Methods and ODEs (CP2)
Singular Parturbations (CP15)
Spatially Discrete Dynamical Systems -- Theory and Applications ( MS39)
Time Series and Signal Processing (CP34)
Topology in Dynamics (MS34)
Ulam's Conjecture and the Approximation of Invariant Measures (MS14)

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