Sunday, May 18

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Chair: Ferdinand Verhulst, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands Superior B - Level C

Perturbation Methods and ODEs

10:00 Hamiltonian G-space Normal Forms as a Geometric Framework for Perturbation Theory
Anthony Blaom, California Institute of Technology
10:20 Evolution Towards Symmetry
Ferdinand Verhulst, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
(MOVED TO PSII) 10:40 The Moving Singularities of the Perturbation Expansion of the Classical Kepler Problem
Mohammad Tajdari, University of New England
11:00 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Finite-Time Blow-Up in ODE's
Craig Hyde and Alain Goriely, University of Arizona
11:20 Simple Periodic Orbits in 1-1-1 Resonance: Cubic and Quartic Potentials
S. Ferrer, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain; M. Lara, Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada, Spain; J. Palacian, Universidad Publica de Navarra, Spain; J. F. San Juan, Universidad de La Rioja, Spain; and P. Yanguas, Universidad Publica de Navarra, Spain
11:40 Fast Resonance Shifting as a Mechanism of Instability in Dynamics Illustrated by Comets
Edward Belbruno, The Geometry Center

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