Tuesday, May 20

3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Chair: Amitabha Bose, New Jersey Institute of Technology Superior B - Level C

Neural and Excitable Systems II

3:00 Weakly Connected Weakly Forced Oscillatory Neural Networks
Eugene Izhikevich and Frank Hoppensteadt, Arizona State University
3:20 Dynamics of Two Mutually Coupled Slow Inhibitory Neurons
David Terman, Ohio State University; Nancy Kopell, Boston University; and Amitabha Bose, New Jersey Institute of Technology
3:40 Nonequilibrium Response Spectroscopy of ION Channel Gating Kinetics
Mark M. Millonas, University of Chicago
4:00 Hodgkin-Huxley Neuronal Models
Allan R. Willms, Cornell University
4:20 Preservation and Annihilation of Colliding Pulses in a Model Excitable System
M. Argentina and P. Coullet, Institut Non-Lineaire de Nice, France; and L. Mahadevan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4:40 Monitoring Changing Dynamics with Correlation Integrals: Case Study of an Epileptic Seizure
David E. Lerner, University of Kansas

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