Tuesday, May 20

3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Chair: Timothy Whalen, National Institute of Standards and Technology Superior A - Level C

Melnikov Theory

3:00 Asymptotic Expansions for Melnikov Functions for Conservative Systems
Joseph Gruendler, North Carolina A&T State University
3:20 The Melnikov Theory for Subharmonics and Their Bifurcations in Forced Oscillations
Kazuyuki Yagasaki, Gifu University, Japan
3:40 The Melnikov Vector as an Estimate for Exponentially Small Splitting of Homoclinic Manifolds
Alain Goriely, Craig Hyde, and Michael Tabor, University of Arizona
4:00 Calculating Chaotic Strength
David B. Levey and Paul D. Smith, University of Dundee, United Kingdom
4:20 Melnikov's Method for Stochastic Multi-Degree of Freedom Dynamical Systems - Theory and Applications
Timothy Whalen, National Institute of Standards and Technology
4:40 Resonance Capture in Weakly Forced Mechanical Systems
D. Dane Quinn, University of Akron

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