Wednesday, May 21

3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Chair: David Peak, Utah State University Maybird - Level C

Spatio-Temporal Chaos

3:00 Strange Attractors of the KdV-KS Equation: Spatio-Temporal Order and Chaos in 3D Film Flows
Alexander L. Frenkel and K. Indireshkumar, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
3:20 Reduction of Complexity and Control of Spatio-Temporal Chaos through Archetypes
David Peak, Emily Stone, and Adele Cutler, Utah State University
3:40 Spatially Coherent States in Long Range Coupled Maps
Sridhar Raghavachari and James A. Glazier, University of Notre Dame
4:00 Detecting and Extracting Messages from Chaotic Communications using Nonlinear Dynamic Forecasting
Kevin M. Short, University of New Hampshire
4:20 Local Dynamics and Spatio-Temporal Complexity
Ralf W. Wittenberg and Philip Holmes, Princeton University
4:40 Stability Analysis of Reaction-Diffusion Waves Near Transitions to Spatio-Temporal Chaos
Markus Bar, Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik Komplexer Systeme, Germany; Anil K. Bangia and Yannis Kevrekidis, Princeton University

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