Wednesday, May 21

3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Chair: Robert L. Warnock, Stanford University Superior A - Level C

Numerical Methods

3:00 Reliable Numerical Detection of Chaotic Behaviour in Hamiltonian Systems
Govindan Rangarajan, Indian Institute of Science, India
3:20 The Dynamics of Variable Time-Stepping ODE Solvers
Harbir Lamba and Andrew Stuart, Stanford University
3:40 Multiple-Shooting Newton-Picard Methods for Computing Periodic Solutions of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems with Low-Dimensional Dynamics
Kurt Lust, Koen Engelborghs, and Dirk Roose, Katholieke Universite Leuven, Belgium
4:00 Convergence of a Fourier-Spline Representation of the Poincaré Map Generator
Robert L. Warnock, Stanford University; and James A. Ellison, University of New Mexico
4:20 Computation of Stability Basin for Large Close-to-Hamiltonian Nonlinear Systems
Leonid Reznikov and Mark A. Pinsky, University of Nevada, Reno

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