Thursday, May 22

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Chair: Patrick D. Miller, Brown University Wasatch A & B - Level C

Chaotic Advection, Turbulence, and Transport I

10:00 Chaotic Advection in an Array of Quasi-2D Vortices
S. R. Maassen, H. J. H. Clercx, and G. J. F. van Heijst, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
10:20 Enhancement of Stirring by Chaotic Advection using Parameter Perturbation and Target Dynamics
Yechiel Crispin, Embry-Riddle University
10:40 Fractal Entrainment Sets of Tracers Advected by Chaotic Temporally Irregular Fluid Flows
Joeri Jacobs, Edward Ott, Thomas Antonsen, and James A. Yorke, University of Maryland, College Park
11:00 Geometrical Dependence of Finite Time Lyapunov Exponents and Transport
Xianzhu Tang, College of William and Mary and Columbia University; and Allen H. Boozer, Columbia University and Max-Planck Institute, Germany
11:20 Quantifying Transport in Numerical Simulations of Oceanic Flows
Patrick D. Miller and Christopher K. R. T. Jones, Brown University; Audrey M. Rogerson and Lawrence J. Pratt, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
11:40 Anomalous Dispersion in 2-d Turbulence
Antonello Provenzale, Instituto di Cosmo-geofisica, Italy

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