Thursday, May 22

3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Chair: Michael E. Davies, University College London, United Kingdom Maybird - Level C

Time Series and Signal Processing

3:00 No Noise is Good Noise?
Mark Muldoon, J. P. Huke, and D. S. Broomhead, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, United Kingdom
3:20 Testing Nonlinear Markovian Hypotheses in Dynamical Systems
Christian Schittenkopf, Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany and Siemens AG, Germany; and Gustavo Deco, Siemens AG, Germany
3:40 Is There a Deterministic Relation (Phase Locking) Between Sunspot Cycles and Interdecadal Variability of Atmospheric Temperature?
Milan Palus, Institute of Computer Science, AS CR, Czech Republic; Dagmar Novotna, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, AS CR, Czech Republic; and Ivana Charvatova, Institute of Geophysics, AS CR, Czech Republic
4:00 Detecting Singularities of Non-Deterministic Dynamics
Joseph P. Zbilut, Rush Medical College; David D. Dixon, University of California, Riverside; and Charles L. Webber, Jr., Loyola University Chicago
4:20 Takens Embedding Theorems for Forced and Stochastic Systems
Jaroslav Stark, University College London, United Kingdom
4:40 Time-Series Analysis Tools for Nonlinear System Identification
Joseph Iwanski and Elizabeth Bradley, University of Colorado, Boulder
5:00 Chaos and Detection
Andrew M. Fraser, Portland State University

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