Thursday, May 22

3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Chair: Diego del Castillo-Negrete, University of California, San Diego Wasatch A & B - Level C

Chaotic Advection, Turbulence, and Transport II

3:00 Acoustic Turbulence
Alexander M. Balk, University of Utah
3:20 Interfacial Turbulence at Large Prandtl Number
P. Colinet and J. C. Legros, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
3:40 Anomalous Transport in an Incompressible, Temporally Irregular Flow
Shankar C. Venkataramani, James Franck Institute; Thomas M. Antonsen Jr. and Edward Ott, University of Maryland, College Park
4:00 Space-Time Modeling and Pattern Formation in Rotating Flows
Erik A. Christensen, Levich Institute, City College of CUNY and New Jersey Institute of Technology; Nadine Aubry, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Levich Institute, City College of CUNY; Jens N. Sorensen and Martin O. L. Hansen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
4:20 Nonlinear Dynamics of Electrochemical Oscillations, Surface, Morphology, and Corrosion
Elia V. Eschenazi and Ninj Balla, Xavier University of Louisiana
4:40 Chaotic Transport in a Chain of Vortices: Anomalous Diffusion and Levy Statistics
Diego del Castillo-Negrete, University of California, San Diego

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