Monday, May 19

10:00 AM-12:00 PM Ballroom II - Level B

Dynamics of Cortical Neural Networks (Part I of II)

Recent theoretical studies have been actively engaged in understanding collective phenomena of large neural networks, that are involved in different behavioral states and sensory information processing. In this minisymposium, eight talks in two related sessions will be focused on neurodynamical processes such as synchronous oscillations and wave propagation. We would like to illustrate how a novel network behavior may arise due to particular aspects of complex single neuron dynamics and/or synaptic circuits, such as neural firing patterns (e.g. spike adaptation, bursting), synaptic kinetics and depression, cortical local circuit, random sparse connectivity, and recurrent inhibition.

Organizers: Xiao-Jing Wang, Brandeis University; David Terman, Ohio State University, Columbus; and John Rinzel, National Institutes of Health

10:00 Rhythms and "Lurching" Waves in the "Sleeping" Thalamic Slice
John Rinzel and Xiao-Jing Wang, Organizers; and David Golomb, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
10:30 Synchronous and Asynchronous States in a Network of Spiking Neurons
Wulfram Gerstner, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
11:00 Image Segmentation Based on Oscillatory Correlation
David Terman, Organizer; and DeLiang Wang, Ohio State University
11:30 Saddle-Node Bifurcations and Wave Propagation in Model Cortical Column Structures
Frank C. Hoppensteadt, Arizona State University

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