Monday, May 19

4:00 PM-6:00 PM Ballroom I - Level B

Josephson Junction Arrays: Progress and Puzzles

Josephson junction arrays are superconducting nonlinear circuits which hold promise for a variety of applications in extreme high frequency electronics. As a paradigm of coupled oscillator systems, Josephson junction arrays have attracted increasing attention in the dynamics community. At the same time, experimental progress on these superconducting circuits has blossomed. These two lines of inquiry are beginning to overlap in an essential way. This minisymposium features three leading experimentalists in the field to report both recent results and open questions. The purpose is to focus attention on issues that arise in the study of real Josephson junction arrays, as described by the foremost applied practitioners in the field. (These are speakers the dynamics community is rarely exposed to.) The intended audience is anyone interested in real world applications of coupled oscillator systems.

Organizer: Kurt A. Wiesenfeld
Georgia Institute of Technology

4:00 Generation of Submillimeter Wave Radiation Using Linear Phase-Locked Josephson Junction Arrays
James Lukens, State University of New York, Stony Brook
4:30 Josephson Junction Arrays: Practical Devices and Nonlinear Dynamics
Terry P. Orlando, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5:00 Dynamical Properties of Two-Dimensional Josephson-Junction Arrays
A. B. Cawthorne, P. Barbara, and Chris J. Lobb, University of Maryland, College Park

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MMD, 1/29/97