Wednesday, May 21

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Magpie A & B - Level B

Molecular Motors

The advent of new technologies for measuring forces and displacements at the molecular scale has led to a resurgence in mathematical modeling of molecular motors. These protein devices are thousands of times smaller than the smallest 'nanotechnology' has yet achieved, yet they power virtually all aspects of the living cell. This minisymposium will present several case studies in how these motors are modeled and how the models compare to experimental data. The talks will give an overview of the mathematical techniques currently employed to model protein motors. Some familiarity with cell biology would be helpful, but hopefully not necessary.

Organizer: George F. Oster
University of California, Berkeley

10:00 Mathematical Models of Stochastic Ratchets
Charles R. Doering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
10:30 Cell Motions Driven by Actin Polymerization
George F. Oster, Organizer
11:00 The Bacterial Flagellar Motor: A New Mechanism for Energy Transduction
Timothy C. Elston, Los Alamos National Laboratory; and George Oster, Organizer
11:30 Is the Speed of a Molecular Motor Influenced by its Elasticity?
Charles S. Peskin, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences New York University

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MMD, 4/24/97