Sunday, May 18

10:00 AM-12:00 PM Wasatch A & B - Level C

MS5 Communicating with Chaos

The realization that chaos can be controlled by small perturbations leads to the idea that chaotic systems can be used to produce a signal bearing desired information. In fact, it has been demonstrated experimentally that the symbolic dynamics of a chaotic attractor can be made to follow a prescribed symbol sequence, so any desired message can be encoded and transmitted. In this minisymposium the basic ideas of chaos in communication and the experiments that demonstrate their implementation will be presented. Recent developments in higher dimensional encoding and filtering of in-band noise will also be introduced.

Organizer: Epaminondas Rosa, Jr.
University of Maryland, College Park

10:00 Noise Filtering in Communication with Chaos
Epaminondas Rosa, Jr., Organizer
10:30 Experimental Control of Chaos for Communication
Scott Hayes, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
11:00 Higher Dimensional Symbolic Encoding
Ying-Chen Lai, University of Kansas
11:30 Encoding Information in Chemical Chaos
Erik M. Bollt, United States Military Academy

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