Thursday, May 22

3:00 PM-5:00 PM Magpie A & B - Level B

Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation in Combustion

We consider both gaseous and solid fuel combustion, e.g., employed in combustion synthesis of materials. Since the structure of the material produced, the propagation velocity, and maximum temperature are determined by the mode of propagation of the combustion wave, assessment of the quality of the material produced and the rate of flame spread must be considered because the maximum temperatures and velocities attained in dynamical modes can well exceed estimates based on steady state analysis. Analytical, numerical, and experimental approaches are employed in a variety of problems, including the dynamics of cellular, target, spinning, and spiral flames.

Organizer: Vladimir A. Volpert
Northwestern University

3:00 Standing Waves, Heteroclinic Connections, and Parity Breaking in Bifurcations from Ordered States of Cellular Flames
Michael Gorman, University of Houston; and Kay Robbins, University of Texas, San Antonio
3:30 Excitability in Premixed Gas Combustion
Howard Pearlman, NASA Lewis Research Center
4:00 Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formation in Combustion
Alvin Bayliss and Bernard J. Matkowsky, Northwestern University
4:30 Nonlinear Dynamics in Combustion Synthesis of Materials
Vladimir A. Volpert, Organizer

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TMP, 4/4/97